Pursuing the world of startups. Creating videos @Jurnalul Unui Olimpic. Ex-Software Engineer @Amazon.

The Tipping Point

January 01 • 2019
As of 1st of January 2019, I am taking action on the decision to accelerate the progress towards my vision of creating a positive impact upon the world through the world of startups by leaving Amazon after working 2 years and 4 months as a Software Engineer.

"Do You Ever Miss Home?"

December 24 • 2018
I’ve been asked this question quite a few times now. The picture above represents the center and University of Bucharest where I have studied computer science. I was there for a few days in October and I wanted to rent a place that has the view composed of the landma...

How Focus Became More Valuable Than Intelligence

August 23 • 2018
This may be the most important problem of our lifetime.


April 02 • 2018
Our thoughts are the most important things we have as humans, they are the ones that dictate the person that we are. Whatever we are doing, whatever we decide and however we see the world is managed by our thoughts. Even what we have around us and where we live is di...

1 Year In Madrid

August 29 • 2017
Oh, Madrid, I’m writing this letter directly to you. This is the exact same place that I saw you for the first time. It was 1 year ago, on 29 august 2016, at 20:47, my airplane arrived in your airport from which I entered directly into your metro. I never saw the cit...